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one reading in rockville of 40. fairfax is 38. prince frederick is 37. you get the idea. predominantly above freezing. prbristow is the exception at 30 degrees. parts of west virginia, western maryland, you could get clipped by a brief shower later on today. locally, rain chances tomorrow afternoon and evening. should be light and fairly isolated. nothing heavy. not a washout. mainly gray with highs in the upper 50's. warming up a bit. then we cool down by the weekend. what is the latest on the roads? not good. right now we are going live to newschopper 7 flying over a crash on southbound 95 in maryland. it is at the exit for marylanders route 32, the one that takes you to columbia.
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it is able to get by, but that is a tight exit ramp. southbound 95, the exit from maryland route 32. we change our traffic camera and take you to germantown. 270 southbound. see the flashing lights at the top left? that is southbound between father hurley boulevard and 118. reports of a person hit by an automobile on the interstate. two right lanes are closed. we have no other details right now. so stick around. >> keep us posted on that. we want to take a look at the day ahead. this man, the man accused of trying to kill the president will be in court for a preliminary hearing. the 21-year-old fired nine rounds at the white house last month, hitting it at least one time. a priori hearings, the judge ordered him to undergo a series of psychological evaluations
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but he has been found competent to stand trial. , president obama heading to fort bragg, north carolina, this morning. there he will address the end of the nine year occupation of iraq. the visit comes days after the commander in chief hosted the rocky prime minister. all u.s. troops will leave that nation by december 31. turning out to the 2012 campaign. republican presidential candidates mitt romney and newt gingrich are expected to resume their attacks on each other today. mitt romney will hold fund- raisers including one on wall street. the former house speaker will spend the day in iowa. meantime, the fight over payroll tax cuts did not end with last night's vote. >> the yayare are 234, the naya 194. the motion is passed. >> house republicans passed an
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extensive plan but it will not reach the president's desk because it includes a controversial oil pipeline proficient that senate democrats oppose. if congress cannot reach a deal by the end of the year, payroll taxes will go up for millions of americans a leading house republican wants to know -- what occupied d.c. protesters can camp in mcpherson square. in a letter to the interior department, a representative points out that camping is a legal on national park service property. the spokesman for the interior says the department is reviewing the letter. federal regulators have their way distracted driving will be a legal ever were. >> the ntsb declared texting and talking on a cell phone behind the wheel too dangerous. one local family knows that too well. we are in southeast d.c. with the details.
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good morning. >> good morning. the ntsb does not have the federal power to really impose this nationwide ban. so what they are doing instead is asking each state to pass the band individually. as you mentioned, there is a local family that knows the consequences of this sectordistracted driving. >> we need to do something. >> of montgomery county police officer knows the harsh reality. in 2008, his 15-year-old son ryan died in a car accident in which the driver was distracted. >> i am very appreciative the ntsb came forward on this because it only confirms what we know as officers on the roads get distracted driving kills and changes lives forever. >> according to the national transportation safety board more than 3000 roadway deaths in 2010 were willing to distracted driving. they are recommending that every state and drivers from texting and driving.
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>> we know that accidents happen in the blink of an eye. you never know what clal, what - 0- call what text or what post could be your last. >> drivers in our areas seem to be split. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is a point where people are not paying attention in cars. talking on cell phones when they are not supposed to be cured >> under the recommendation, you would still be able to use your cell phone in emergency situations. we know that in d.c. and maryland, they have similar bans in place but virginia is the only state in our region who does not have the talking or texting ban. many people are saying this will finally make it to the state legislature in january now that the ntsb has put for this recommendation. we will see what happens with apple. 6:05 now. new this morning, of major
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crimes on metro train and buses ids down. there were the fewer than 5 million compared with 6 million last year. transit police used a computerized system to track crime. they did more patrolling and launched more public awareness campaigns. turning out to the disturbing story. of falls church father accused of abusing and now faces murder charges in the death of his daughter. >> they found the two-month-old inside her home on parkwood court on saturday. this is the 10th homicide in the county this year, the second homicide in the last few days. it started saturday when amber reed's mother called 911. a couple of hours later, the baby died in the hospital. this morning the baby's father
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is charged with felony murder. his name is francis reed. last night, but john gonzalez went to his childhood home and spoke to his grandfather who did not have much to say, but police tell us that paramedics responded to an apartment 10 miles away to give the child cpr. of course, the child did not survive. police say no weapons were used in this case. they have not announce the official cause of death. but we do know that no one else has been charged, and sources tell us reed a long criminal history. cavanaug 6:07 is your time. >> a slip byof the tonguye by jerry sandusky's lawyer. why he is now saying sorry. >> paying more to be picked up. how much can fear could cost you in the nation's capital. >> it is not quite as cold
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outside today. we have [ female announcer ] more people are using wireless devices... in more ways than ever. and our networks are getting crowded. but if congress frees up more wireless spectrum... we can empower more people to innovate... putting momentum behind our economy. and we can reduce the deficit... with more than thirty billion dollars paid by america's wireless companies. it's simple -- more spectrum means more freedom. for everyone.
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[playing "joy to the world."] >> i am steve morris of the salvation army, asking you to make a difference. donate, make a difference. good morning, washington. 6:10 now on this wednesday morning. it is a lot warmer than the past
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couple morning. 32 degrees in manassas. that is one of the few spots on our entire network that's at the freezing point. 37 in this work. culpeper 37. 40 in annapolis. not as frosty as the past few mornings. this afternoon, temperatures will be a lot like yesterday. a few showers moving into western west virginia. a little bit of that will clip part of the potomac high lands and western maryland later on today. but luckily, our rain chances are not until tomorrow afternoon and evening. a plume of moisture in green streaming north east in the midsection of the country. some of that will push our wait for tomorrow but i am not expecting all that much to make it into the washington area. cloudy and 50 today. great tomorrow. with highs in the upper 50's.
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friday night and into saturday we have been monitoring the potential for that system. it looks unlikely at this time. that is good news, lisa. we need some good news and out. not so good on 270 southbound. delays are going to be out of urbana to highet's towyattstown. look at the pace of traffic from clarksburg to germantown. accident will have to be investigated. they have to bring in our reconstruction crew to do pictures and measurements. typically, that is a lengthy process. i do not know where their reconstruction crew has to come from. then that usually is a lengthy process. 270 will look like this for quite some time between father hurley boulevard and 118. if you exit onto the interstate from 118, you will miss this accident.
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virginia, we love you and the fact we have nothing major to report. but the growing volume. the 14th street bridge is good. a cab in d.c. could soon cost to almost double. yesterday the taxicab commission approved a proposal to raise the per mile fellare from $1.50 to $2.60. the new rates could take effect as soon as february. 6:13 39, degrees. >> cracking down on those love commercials? why you will not have to reach for the remote. >> plus, jerry sandusky's last- minute legal maneuvering. were the case stands. >> lindsey lowhan isny gre pioneers before me, guided only by a dream.
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i'm embarking on a journey of epic proportion. i will travel, from sea to shining sea, through amber waves of grain, and i won't stop until i've helped every driver in america save hundreds on car insurance. well i'm out of the parking lot. that's a good start. geico, fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent, or more on car insurance.
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lindsey lohan returns to court today. the actors will give the judge her first progress update. she has spbeen threatened with jail time for violating her probation and a 2007 drug driving case. authorities continue to search for clues in yesterday's attack. four people including the gunmen died when a man threw grenades and shot people at a downtown square. more than 120 people were hurt. national park will turn into a disaster zone today. the fire department and it marine corps unit will hold a disaster drill at the southeast stadium. the exercise will simulate their response to a major terrorist attack. >> we want to turn to the scandal at penn state. the child sex abuse case against
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jerry sandusky heads to trial. yesterday the assistant football coach waved a preliminary hearing. he entered a not guilty plea and asked for a jury trial. jerry sandusky denies the allegations. >> we fully intend to put together the best possible defense we can do. to stay the course and fight for four quarters. 11 witnesses were ready to testify yesterday. meanwhile, jerry sandusky's lawyer is apologizing. he says that anyone who believes the allegations should call 1- 800-reality. it turns out that phone number is a sex line for gay men. he did not know the number was a real and vowed not to use that number again. two men who say they were abused by the syracuse basketball coach are suing the school and the former head coach. they say bernie fine molested
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them and said that the former head coach accused them of lying. virginia state police say the gunmen who killed a university cop bought his handgun legally. investigators still cannot find any link between ross ashley and the officer. he reportedly bought the semi- automatic weapon in january from all licensed dealer. the meantime, investigators are trying to identify human remains discovered near county recreation center in woodbridge. surveyors found the remains in a ravine. forensic specialists were at the scene yesterday. they say it is too early to determine if the person was a crime victim or died of natural causes. 6:17 now. america's money. another experiment fails. the fcc cracks down on your splitting -- ear splitting ads.
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>> the u.s. postal service says it will delay closing hundreds of postal facilities to give congress more time to help out the agency. puts off the changes that would have slowed mail delivery. the fcc is ordering that commercials are not louder than the program. viewers have complained for decades now. the rule takes effect in the year. southwest airlines is delivering an order for boeing. the $19 billion deal is the biggest in boeing's hisotry. tory. the white house is scrapping a program to commemorate every u.s. president on the coins. they simply were not selling. the shutdown will save $50 million every year. that is america's money. 6:18 now. adam caskey is joining us this morning. compared to yesterday, it feels
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a lot more pleasant outside. not as frosty this morning. temperatures are above freezing. yesterday, we started talking about the chance of may be seeing a wintry mix on friday night and saturday morning. as of now, that is looking less likely. it looks like that system will push just far enough to the south, where our odds of getting hit are slimmer than yesterday. here is my favorite boat on the bay, festive for the holiday season. still a little while from sun up. here are the four coldest temperatures i could find. 29 in rockville. 30 in bristow. iran role at 32. -- upper marlboro at 32. even 40 at reagan national. 37 in martinsburg. lexington park at 39. clouds act as a blanket at night
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to help keep our temperatures warmer this morning. also a general influx of warmer air that will continue through midday tomorrow. notice on the radar that areas of green are moving into o hio. some of that rain could clip western maryland and west virginia later on today. but locally, are rain chances are not until tomorrow. that is when it's cold front will push our way. our high pressure moves out of theown. cooler air behind that front. it will tap into more canadian air. mild today and tomorrow. well into the 50's. temperatures are dropping friday and into the weekend. mostly cloudy today, low to mid 50's. upper 50's tomorrow. into the weekend, partly cloudy, mid 40's. lida? sa? 270 at sudan southbound
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between father hurley boulevard. delays begin before 121 clarksburg road. you are watching newschopper 7 flying over the accident with a pedestrian hit by the vehicle. the two right lanes are blocked. if you get onto the interstate from 118, you missed this activity. we go downstream it were a separate wreck was reported. 270. that is going to be a quagmire as well as rockville pike. keep us posted. 6:21 now. and 39 degrees. no wedding bells in washington. why finding many married couples could be harder than ever. >> the secretive church. do you believe that a man has to
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have multiple wives to get into heaven? how can you be a father to 22 kids? >>
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take a look at this. elizabeth taylor jewelry and gems are hot items at christmas. last night, someone forked over more than $8.8 million dollars
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for one of for diamond rings. it was a gift to the late actress from richard burton. part of the proceeds will go to the late actress's aids fund. marriage rates are at record low. 51% of americans 18 and older are married. down from 57% in 2000. in maryland, 50% are married compared with 54% in virginia. d.c. has experienced an influx of young adults over the past decade. only 25% of adults in the district are married. 6:25. there is still another half-hour of "good morning washington". another spending fight on capitol hill means running the risk of a shutdown. adam caskey in the weather center. not as cold as the past couple of mornings, but a cold
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at bank of america we're lending and investing in communities across the country from helping to revitalize a neighborhood in brooklyn to financing industries that are creating jobs in boston or providing funding for the expansion of a a local business serving a diverse seattle community and supporting training programs for tomorrow's workforce in los angeles. because the more we can do in local neighborhoods and communities, the more we can help make opportunity possible.
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live and in hd, this is "good morning washington," on your side. >> [screams] >> this is becoming the new dui an epidemic. >> hang up and drive. the ntsb wants a nationwide ban on talking and texting behind the wheel. one family wants to make sure
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drivers get that message. \ good morning, washington. thanks for being with us on this wednesday morning, i am pamela brown. >> i am cynne simpson. we begin with traffic and weather. 270 has problems, but we begin with meteorologist adam caskey. >> we are above freezing for the most part. still dark in the federal city. 7:18 sunrise. i love this camera. everything is lit up on the roosevelt bridge. 41 in oxon hill, not bad. 39 in herndon. one location at the freezing mark is bristow, virginia, 32. 52 this afternoon with mostly cloudy skies, like yesterday. near 60 tomorrow with spotty showers by the afternoon and
6:31 am
evening. into the weekend, mid 40's, partly cloudy, looking good. a pedestrian accident will have to be documented. 270 southbound before 118 on the left of the screen. there will be a delay from 118. all right is a close-up picture of traffic leaving clarksburg. the accident after father really boulevard, before 118. we will focus on virginia when we come back. a man accused of trying to kill president obama will be in court today for a preliminary hearing. 21-year-old oscar ortega- hernandez fired nine rounds at the white house last month
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giving the white house at least once. a judge ordered him to undergo psychological about patients, but found him competent to stand trial. president obama headed to fort bragg, north carolina, this morning to address the end of the nine-year occupation of iraq. his visit comes days after the commander-in-chief hosted the iraqi prime minister. all u.s. troops will leave that nation by december 31. 6:32. turning to the campaign. >> republican presidential contenders newt gingrich and mitt romney are expected to keep up their tax on each other today. mitt romney will attend fund- raisers in new york city including. one on wall including the former hospital campaign in iowa. the rest of the republican field will spend the day campaigning in iowa and new hampshire. the fight over a payroll tax cuts did not end with last night's vote.
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>> the bill has passed without objection the motion to reconsider is laid upon the table. >> those republicans passed an extension plan, but probably not point to reach the president's desk because of the oil pipeline provision. senate democrats opposed that provision. if congress cannot reach a deal by the end of the year, payroll taxes will go up for millions of americans. lawmakers have reached a deal on a one trillion dollar bill to keep the government running through next september the democrats will not let it come up for votes the until there's an agreement to extend a payroll tax cut. john boehner criticized the move. a temporary government funding bill expires on friday. if federal regulators have away distracted driving will be illegal everywhere. >> yesterday and is be declared texting and talking on a cell phone behind the wheel dangerous. one local family knows that too
6:34 am
well. jummy olabanji has details from southeast washington. >> we are along a busy south capitol street in southeast washington. probably would not be hard to find a driver texting or talking on the phone even though it is illegal in d.c. this is what the ntsb is trying to stop. all five board members yesterday want every u.s. state to ban using cell phones in cars except during emergencies. that means no handsfree devices and noble stupi blue tooth. they say it causes to an accident during a 90% of drivers support some sort of ban. drivers in our area are split on the recommendation. >> it is ridiculous. >> it is to the point where
6:35 am
people are not paying attention. >> we also spoke with the family of captain thomas didone a montgomery county police officer. his son was killed in 2008: the car he was riding in the driver was distracted, killing him in the accident. d.c. and maryland are two localities that have banned talking on the cell phone while driving. in virginia is not yet law, but many believe that will pass next year in the state legislature. demille monday, abc 7 news. -- jummy olabanji. a ramp will open linking route 7 with 123. that was closed last year for
6:36 am
construction on the silver lining. it falls church father accused of abuse now faces murder charges for the death of his daughter. >> paramedics found the toddler -- two-month old inside a home on parkwood court. ben eisler as the latest on the investigation. >> saturday afternoon amber reed's mother called 911 because her baby stopped breathing. the baby died of a hospital a couple hours later. now the father is behind bars and starts with felony murder. last night john gonzalez approached a guard house on parkwood court in falls church. >> anybody home at the time? >> that is where 21-year-old francis reed grew up. his grandfather had little to say at the door. paramedics responded to this apartment in falls church about 10 miles away. they gave the baby girl's cpr. >> i knew something was going
6:37 am
on. >> the neighbor remembers one little girl was brought home for the first time. >> i have seen her now and then. they seemed like a good couple. >> no weapons were used in the case. police of not given the official cause of death. this is the 10th, in the county this year so far. no one else has been charged in the case. reed has a long criminal history. ben eisler reporting. 6:37, 40 degrees. >> still ahead, mitt romney, the latest from the campaign trail. >> and the creator of "two and a half men" opens up about a public feud with charlie sheen. >>
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6:40 on this wednesday. doug hill is standing by in calvert county this morning. >> hello. cloudy morning in spots. you will notice is milder in many areas. there's no frost on this wednesday morning around 40
6:41 am
minutes before sunrise. some blue skies between the clients. there's chesapeake beach. temperatures are significantly warmer than yesterday. the low to mid 30's. 40 degrees at reagan national and annapolis. gaithersburg 34 and the same at dulles. across the region the clouds continue moving in. moisture developing ahead of a cold front that's moving across. west of interstate 81 and may have a sprinkle later today. the chance increases tomorrow. cold front extending through the southern plains, that will be the weather feature for tomorrow. 52 degrees for the high temperature today. mild tonight but kohl, 33-41. the mall, and the 50's,
6:42 am
afternoon showers. more seasonable afterwards. thank you. big issues on the boats. lisa baden. >> that is true for maryland drivers, but not virginia. we started in virginia. 66 95 395 no accidents. heavy volume, for example, the 14th street bridge. so traffic on the inner loop at gallows road. 270, a pedestrian hit by a car southbound at 118. delays are out of frederick. the right transition lane is blocked. if you get onto the interstate from 118, you will miss this accident. back to you. >> thank you. 40 degrees. >> the real reason cbs fighter
6:43 am
and charlie sheen. producer chuck lorre opens up about his fight with a star. >> dave leventhal has the latest on the
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it's not new toys they want. he doesn't want the latest video game. the gifts they want can't be wrapped. these kids just want to be healthy... and go home with their moms and dads. that's what we're fighting f for at st. jude children's research hospital. st. jude's research labs may not be in your community but our discoveries are. we've changed how the world treats brain tumors, leukemia and sickle cell. and no family is turned away because they can't pay. our discoveries today could save a child you know, tomorrow. so if you have health children
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give thanks... give thanks. da las gracias. give thanks for the healthy kids in your life and give to those who are not. go to st. or shop wherever you see our magnifying glass. welcome back. taking a look a day ahead. actress lindsay lohan will return to court today for probation hearing. she will give the judge an update on our progress for the misappropriation -- missed probation requirements. that was stemming from the drunk driving case. "time" magazine will unveil its personal day year.
6:46 am
person who had the single greatest impact during last year's copper person was mark zuckerberg. a d.c. council committee will hold a hearing today on regulating techattoo businesses. d.c. is one of the last places in the country to regulate such establishments. the war of words between newt gingrich and mitt romney. >> money and politics reporter dave leventhal is with us this morning. we are expecting from mitt romney new ads that take a different tone. >> even in his own words, he says he is no longer the front- runner after he had been the front-runner pretty much as three entire republican presidential primary process. newt gingrich is on the uptick. mitt romney's super pac has been
6:47 am
on the attack against new gingrich. what we should expect over the next couple weeks before the iowa caucuses and new hampshire primaries is for things to go - negative. >> there's gridlock in the collections that commission. >> you don't hear a lot of news about this commission. they are very important because they are the guys who regulates all the rules and basically oversee the election law in this country and campaign finance in many regards. they have been having a professional and interpersonal problems that we described in article. they say that we are getting a new chairman on thursday, we need to get our act together and work together the best we can in order to make some very tough decisions in the 2012 election. >> interesting. they've leventhal, thank you.
6:48 am
now we want to talk about the scandal at penn state. the child sex abuse case against jerry sandusky goes to trial after new developments. >> yesterday the former assistant football coach waved a preliminary hearing at the last minute. he entered a not guilty pleas of finance asked for a jury trial. he denies the allegations. >> we fully intend to put together the best possible defense we can do, to stay the course. >> prosecutors at about 11 witnesses ready to testify against jerry sandusky. an attorney for one of them called jerry sandusky a coward for not hearing testimony. the gunman who killed a university bought his hand guns illegally. investigators cannot find any link between ross ashley and officer deriek crouse. ross got a semi-automatic weapon in january from a licensed
6:49 am
dealer. we will take a look at traffic and weather. >> let's check in with doug hill. >> good morning. looking good, high clouds. milder temperatures than yesterday. manassas is the only place where we can see there's a chance of frost. everybody else gets a break. looking from arlington on the rooftop across the river into the nation's capital, many clients -- clouds. looking at maryland's in annapolis at the naval academy, a similar conditions across the area. 39 degrees in annapolis right now. 41 in oxon hill. temperatures much better than yesterday morning at this time. that's due mainly to the cloud cover. the cold, dry air has moved east. temperatures will slowly rise. cloud cover moving in.
6:50 am
mid-level clients and precipitation producers still off to the west. -- mid-level ands high clouds and precipitation producers. looking at the futurecast, we may get glimpses of sunshine at times. mild temperatures today, tonight, and tomorrow. a few showers possible in the afternoon or evening. then the cooler air returns with a breeze on friday. that will continue through the weekend. fair amount of clients today - - clouds today. everybody stays above freezing tonight with cloudy skies. tomorrow, a few showers 40%
6:51 am
chance, warmer temperatures, and low 50's. turning colder on the weekend, but not bitter cold. adam caskey will have a seven- day forecast in a couple minutes. >> thank you. now to breaking news from lisa baden. >> 270 southbound, they have been struggling throughout the morning. on the left side of your screen, a person was hit by an automobile this morning, southbound at 118, germantown. an investigation reconstruction team has been called to decided to document the accident. on the right side is an example of the pace from interstate 70 three germantown and clarksburg. "two and a half men" creator chuck lorre said charlie sheen was fired because they were afraid that he might die. he offered to quit as his
6:52 am
relationship with charlie sheen became toxic. charlie sheen has since admitted that he was out of control and has issued a series of public apologies. 40 degrees. >> you are watching "good morning washington."
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captioned by the national captioning institute good wednesday morning.
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coming up, y jerry sandusky changed his mind yesterday about facing is accusers and now how we plans to fight the charges. his attorney will join us. and a man allegedly trying to run down his girlfriend and drive through a store hitting the owners. caught on tape. that man walked away with only minor injuries. wait until you see what happens next. and the real-life thelma and louise, two women accused of forging a check to fly a private jet to new york for the ultimate shopping trip. how police finally grounded them. perhaps pictures on facebook have something to do with it. that's next on good morning america. breaking traffic news. >> a pedestrian accident that we have been focusing on. 270 southbound at 118. the left side is newschopper 7 you can see the activity on the right side getting onto the interstate from 118 is ok.
6:56 am
the right side is father hurley boulevard, demonstrating the pace of tough rhetoric into germantown. warmer this morning, in the above freezing. low 50's this afternoon. a few sticks of sunshine periodically today and tomorrow. more gray skies than blue skies over all. chance of rain tomorrow afternoon locally, light rain. cooler weather on the weekends, but pleasant, partly cloudy. if you have holiday decorations you would like to submit, we would love to see them. >> these are some that some of our viewers have already sent to us. this is, holiday house in germantown that includes candy canes and snowmen. and this one is from purcellville. their whole house is lit up. if y
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